Welcome to the Department of Classical Studies

Note from the chair

Here you will find information about who we are and also learn about the vitality of Classical Studies at the University of Missouri. We are one of the founding departments of the University with a long history of education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Today's curriculum and resources reflect both that deep tradition and the new directions that keep the study of ancient Greece and Rome central to contemporary debates about literature, language, and culture. In recent years, largely through the efforts of Dr. James Crozier, we have developed an array of on-line courses and this year we welcome to the department two dynamic scholar-teachers, Associate Professor Sean Gurd and Assistant Professor Matthew Farmer, who will ensure we maintain our edge!

Our undergraduate program offers majors in Greek and Latin as well as a concentration in Classical Humanities. Our graduate program is designed to prepare students for the rigors of college and university teaching and research positions. You will find the details below but will note throughout our strong commitment to a conception of Classical Studies that is expansive in its aims and methods while also dedicated to serious engagement with evidence and problems.

The Department of Classical Studies is a warm and intellectually stimulating home for students. We believe learning is a community enterprise. We sponsor lectures, workshops, and symposia, and frequently collaborate with other departments on campus. We encourage questions and respect differences. Our faculty present papers internationally and publish widely. Yet our office doors are usually wide open and three members of the department have earned the University's most distinguished teaching award. Certainly visit us here online, but also stop by Strickland Hall to meet us in person.

dennistroutDennis Trout , Chair


April 2014: Undergraduate Majors! See the recent study of Law School applicants, ranking them by major. Classics majors perform best of all majors in both LSAT and UGPA results among 2013 applicants. Very interesting article and chart here.

March 2014: We are delighted to announce a major gift to Department of Classical Studies: a generous bequest from the estate of Charles J. Standish in the amount of $100,000. The donation will establish the "Luitpold and Barbara Wallach Fund." Mr. Standish, a longtime friend of Professor Wallach and her late husband Luitpold, designated the support of faculty research as the fund's primary purpose. It is the largest donation in the long history of the department. Look for further news about research awards generated from the fund and opportunities to grow it further. We are very grateful, and the research fostered by his gift will honor the memory of Mr. Standish.

February 2014: Italian playwright and director, Kiara Pipino, now on the faculty at Grand Valley State University, is bringing her one-woman show, entitled "Clytemnestra," to MU. There will be only one performance, free and open to the public, on Monday, April 21, at 7:30pm in the Corner Playhouse at the corner of Hitt and University. Pipino, along with her assistant director and the actress, will be available for an audience talk-back immediately following the performance and will meet with classes the following Tuesday. This event has been arranged in coordination with the Department of Theatre, with support from Phi Beta Kappa, MU Arts and Humanities Small Grants, and the MU Lecture Committee.

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