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The faculty and staff of the Department of Classical Studies, as part of ongoing attempts to combat racism on our campus, would like to make public and explicit our denunciation of all forms of racism. As our colleague in Black Studies, Prof. Stephanie Shonekan, has said, "when a part of our community is uncomfortable, we should all feel the weight of that burden to push for meaningful change." We endorse that sentiment, and we join her in supporting our students who are actively working for change, trying to improve the campus environment.
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Note from the chair

Welcome to the online presence of Classical Studies at the University of Missouri. Here you’ll find information about the people, programs and activities of one of the founding departments of the university. Ours is a department with an international reputation for cutting edge research, where senior faculty still take the time to work closely with undergraduates. Look at our faculty and graduate student pages to learn about publications, conference presentations, and research recognition. The breadth of our interests and approaches reflects a commitment both to traditional philology and to the new and exciting developments in our ever-evolving field.

You’ll also find on this website that this department has won more than its share of teaching awards, both on campus and nationally. Our undergraduate majors receive a rigorous liberal arts training that prepares them for further study in classics or the professional schools, or for a wide array of 21st century careers. Our graduate students go on to successful careers in teaching and research. Both undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to study, work, and travel in Greece and Italy.

Our broad conception of Classical Studies leads us to form ties with other departments and programs across campus. The Ancient Studies minor for graduate students formalizes our close connection with Art History and Archaeology, History, Religious Studies, Anthropology, and Philosophy. At the undergraduate level, we contribute significantly to the Honors College, the Campus Writing Program, and MU’s growing list of online courses.

When you visit us in person, as we hope you will, you’ll find us a warm and intellectually stimulating community. Join us for one of the many lectures, workshops, or symposia that we sponsor, or stop by our offices for a visit.

David Schenker, Chair

David Schenker

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January 2016: 
At the SCS annual meeting in San Franciso in January, Matt Farmer gave a paper entitled "Pleasure-Loving Plato: Asking the Right Questions of the Comic Fragments,” for a panel on “Fragments from Theory to Practice.”

Last semester Darcy Krasne gave two papers on Valerius Flaccus' Argonautica at international conferences. One, entitled "The Fires of Campania: Typhon and the Theomachic Tradition in Valerius' Argonautica," was delivered on September 16 at the "Flavian Campania" conference held in Naples, Italy; the other, entitled "Escape of the Titans," was delivered at a one-day conference on the subject of intertextuality in Valerius Flaccus, held at University College London on December 18. (You can read a write-up from an audience member at the UCL conference here.)

October 2015:
Congratulations to David Schenker, who has just published A Companion to Greek Literature (New York: Wiley Blackwell, 2015), co-edited with Martin Hose.

And to Anatole Mori, who has just published “Literature in the Hellenistic World,” in A Companion to Greek Literature, edited by D. Schenker and Martin Hose.

And to Dennis Trout, who has just published Damasus of Rome: The Epigraphic Poetry (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015)

September 2015:
Congratulations to Drs Anatole Mori and Dennis Trout, who each received an MU Arts & Science Faculty Fellowship for 2015.

On May 29 Dr. Marks gave a talk entitled “Searching for Ovid at Silius’ Cannae” at the “Intertextuality in Flavian Epic” conference (at the Fondation Hardt) in Geneva Switzerland. On June 7 he gave a talk entitled “Affirmatio Religiosa: Piety and Fides in Punica 1” at the “Fides in Flavian Literature” conference (sponsored by Radboud Universiteit) in Nijmegen, Netherlands. He also published a book review (of Claire Stocks’ “The Roman Hannibal: Remembering the Enemy in Silius Italicus’ Punica” (2014)) in “The Journal of Roman Studies”.

Dr. Gurd has published an article entitled “David Melnick’s Men in Aïda” in the Classical Receptions Journal.

August 2015:
Congratulations and best wishes to all our recent PhDs beginning new jobs this fall!

Philip Waddell has begun a Tenure Track position at the University of Arizona
Justin Arft has begun a Tenure Track at the University of Tennessee
Naomi Kaloudis has begun a one-year at Valparaiso University
Eric Thienes has begun a one-year at Pacific Lutheran University

June 2015:
Congratulations to Pat. Kelley, who was named MU’s service champion for May 2015!

April 2015:
Congratulations to Dr. Farmer, who has been awarded a Loeb Fellowship for the Academic year 2015-2016! And to Dr. Mori, whose article, “Archives, Innovation, and the Neomorphic Cyclops.” In Andrew Faulkner (ed.),  Revue Aitia. Regards sur la culture hellénistique au XXIème siècle. Special edition: “The Rhetoric of Old  and New in the Hellenistic Period.!” And to Dr. Krasne, whose article, "Crippling Nostalgia: Nostos, Poetics, and the Structure of the Ibis,” will be appearing in the spring, 2016 issue of TAPA! And to Dr. Gurd, who has just published “Philological Method and Greek Literature” with Oxford Handbooks Online and “Philology of the Cave” in Allegory of the Cave Painting, ed. M. Mircan and V. V. J. van Gerven Oei (Milan: Mousse).

On April 1 Ralph Rosen was on campus to give the annual Kemp lecture with a talk called “The Best Doctor is Also a Philosopher: Galen on Science, Humanities, and the Arts.” He also ran a workshop for Graduate Students and Faculty on the dynamics of classical reception. Thanks to Professor Rosen and to the organizers for a fantastic success!

March 2015:
Next week we will be represented in force at the annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South. There will be papers from graduate students Drew Buchheim, Anne Cave, Katy Chenoweth, Corey Cook, Chris Dobbs, Justin James, Kristin Harper, Claire McGraw, Dominick Price,  Silvia Sarais, Pierce Wade, Christopher Younger, Josh Nudell, Jenna Rice, recent PhD laureate Justin Arft, and faculty members Naomi Kaloudis, Darcy Krasne, Anatole Mori, and David Schenker. Should be a fantastic meeting. See you there!

Justin Arft recently defended his doctoral dissertation ("Queen of the Curse: The Odyssey's Formulaic Interrogation and Arete's Determination of Odysseus' Epic Identity”). Congratulations, Justin!

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