"Domitian's Rome and the Augustan Legacy"

Friday, September 1, 2017 4:00pm

Domitian’s Rome and the Augustan Legacy

This international conference will provide a forum to explore the Augustan legacy in the age of Domitian in the hope of better understanding the extent and nature of that legacy, the mechanisms of its appropriation, and how it shapes Domitianic culture more broadly. The program, which is the result of a juried process, includes papers whose focus is on history, material culture, literature, and intersections between them, with the specific goal to promote discussion across scholarly disciplines as much as possible. 

The conference has been organized by Dr. Raymond Marks (Classical Studies) and Dr. Marcello Mogetta (Art History & Archaeology). Generous assistance has been provided by the Chancellor’s Distinguished Visitors Program, the Department of Art History & Archaeology's Blake-More Godwin Lecture Fund , and the Department of Classical Studies.


Stadium of Domitian Palatine Hill
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