Ancient Mediterranean Studies

We are delighted to announce that the Department of Classical Studies has moved to Swallow Hall. This new location brings with it a new name, which reflects the expansion of our academic mission.  The faculty and students of the new Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies are dedicated to studying the arts, literature, history, and lived experiences of peoples who lived across the wider Mediterranean region during antiquity, from prehistory to the early Middle Ages. We embrace and maintain the range of intellectual disciplines that provide complementary perspectives on the past, including Greek and Latin language and literature, art, archaeology, and material culture, history, philosophy, technology, and sciences, as well as the post-classical reception of Mediterranean culture in Europe and America. To that end the Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies brings together classicists from the Department of Classical Studies and classical archaeologists (Susan Langdon, Marcello Mogetta, and Marcus Rautman) from the Department of Art History and Archaeology.

We hope you witll come and visit us soon in our new home, the beautiful, newly renovated Swallow Hall, located near the historic columns on the Francis Quadrangle.  

Swallow Hall

Swallow Hall, University of Missouri