Clarabelle Fields selected as Cherng Summer Scholar

A round of applause for Clarabelle Fields, who has been selected as one of twelve Cherng Summer Scholars in the Honors College at MU. As J.D. Bowers, the director of the Honors College, explained, "The application is extremely rigorous, and the most important criteria are the level of success demonstrated by the student's involvement in prior projects and the potential for the student's proposed project to result in a pathbreaking outcome--a new discovery, new information, or providing a new expression through artistry."  Fields, a junior at MU and a major in Classical Studies, is working on the project with a faculty mentor, Raymond Marks.  She will address the depiction of the first-century AD Roman emperor Domitian in the Achilleid, a Latin epic by the poet Statius.  

Congratulations Clarabelle! 

Chiron, Achilles, Herculaneum

Chiron instructs Achilles (Herculaneum, first-century AD)