Raymond Marks

Ray Marks
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Associate Professor of Classical Studies
222 Swallow Hall
Silius Italicus; Roman Epic

I received my B.A. in Classical Studies from the University of Pennsylvania (1992) and my Ph.D. in Classics from Brown University (1999). Before coming to Missouri, I also spent a year as a D.A.A.D. Research grant recipient at Ruprecht-Karls University in Heidelberg, Germany (1997-1998) and was a Visiting Lecturer in Classical Studies at the University of Pennsylvania (1999-2000). I have been a member of the department of Classical Studies at the University of Missouri since 2000.
My teaching at MU covers language courses, mostly Latin, at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced undergraduate levels, Classical Humanities courses on Greek and Roman topics, and graduate seminars on Roman Epic (Lucan, Statius, and Silius).
My primary field of interest is Latin poetry of the Flavian period, in particular, the epic poet Silius Italicus. My interests also extend to poetry of the Augustan period and medieval Latin literature.