Barbara Price Wallach

Barbara Wallach
Associate Professor of Classical Studies in the Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies
301 Swallow Hall

BA in  Latin, Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia; MA in Classics and PhD in Classical Philology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Classical Rhetoric;Thetical Rhetoric and Argumentation; Cicero's Paradoxa Stoicorum; Cicero's Pro Pro Cluentio; Lucretius; Alcuin.
Frequently Taught Courses: 

Classical Humanities: Greek and Roman Characters and Ideals; Foreigners and Dangerous Women in Greek and Roman Literature; Murder and Mayhem: Images of Justice in Classical Antiquity; Roman Culture.

Greek: Greek  Oratory; Proseminar in Greek Texts.

Latin: The Age of Cicero; Age of Scipio; Survey of Latin Literature (topics vary); Latin Poetry (Catullus; Lucretius; Vergil); Latin Prose (Caesar; Cicero;Sallust); Proseminar in Latin Texts.