Undergraduate Program

The Department of Ancient Mediterranean Studies offers major options for students interested in the mythology, literature, history, culture, and archaeology of ancient Greece and Rome. Three of these major tracks — Latin, Greek, and Classical Languages — focus on learning the ancient languages and introduce students to advanced readings in ancient Greek and Latin texts. A fourth track, Classical Humanities, is available to those students who would like to study the Greek and Latin Classics in translation. Please click here for course listings in Classical Archaeology; brief course descriptions can be found here.   

The Classical Humanities major consists of a structured sequence of classes, all using texts in English translation, that guides students through a broad introduction to Classical literature and culture (e.g., Classical Mythology, Greek Culture, and Roman Culture) into more specialized study of some of the most important literary works and cultural traditions of the western world. Offerings include Greek and Roman Epic, the Age of Augustus, the Age of Pericles, Greek and Roman Religion, Women in the Ancient World, Classical Literature in a Cross-Cultural Context, the Ancient Novel, Late Antiquity, and a number of other courses. The Classical Humanities track offers a thorough course of study to any student broadly interested in ancient culture as well as a sound pre-professional education. Students are encouraged to take elementary Latin or Greek (1100, 1200, and 2000) to satisfy their College language requirement, but this is not required for the Classical Humanities major.

Students completing these majors will be well prepared for a variety of careers and for further study in graduate or other professional schools.


Professor David Schenker
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Classical Studies
201 Swallow Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO 65211-4150

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